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Bridal Package

Pre – Wedding plan at MBA Skin

6 Months Before………

Come and meet our team for a FREE consultation to prepare you with our expert bespoke advice to treat your skin, body and wellbeing. 

We are sure that you have had your gown fitting by now, so if your experiencing any unflattering areas on your body, why not treat this with COOLSCULPTING an effective way of removing fat with a non-evasive fat freezing technology.

Results are typically seen within three months, and are permanent. The best part of this treatment is it requires no surgery,  downtime, scars or needles! 

Get rid of unwanted hair permanently for your honeymoon with our Lumenis laser hair removal treatments. A diode laser that is pain free and uses cool tip technology. 

Treat any problematic skin imperfections, such as Acne, scars, open pores, or pigmentation, so you will look radiant in your photographs and for your significant other!

To address this, you may want to consider our  M22 ResurFX fractional CO2 laser treatment, which smooths scars, and resurfaces skin, encouraging new renewed skin cells and eradicates fine lines and wrinkles.

You may even just want to freshen up your skin, by receiving a course of HYDRAFACIALS or chemical peels such as the VI peel,  Jan Marini Glycolic or Obagi blue peel radiance. 

Courses of peels bought, have a special reduced price of 20%. 

We also have a range of medicated skin care products that will transform your skin in to a Hollywood glow, tailored to treat a range of specific skin conditions. 

3 Months Before

As the big day approaches, now is the time to have some simple face contouring procedures combined with your skincare regime. 

Would you love plumper lips, defined cheek bones, or to address deeper lines that may trouble you? Then our Doctor and nurses are at hand to help.

Temporary fillers such as Juvederm, contain a hyaluronic gel, a protein that out body produces naturally. 

The injections are relatively pain free as the special formula contains lignocaine, a local anaesthetic compound. 

An instant solution to creating a perfect defined look.

For a fresh radiant glow, our HYDRAFACIAL is a perfect mechanical medical treatment, that removes dead skin cells, and deeply infuses skin booster serums to plump and encourage new skin cells. It extracts clogged pores and leaves the skin squeaky clean. A perfect base to make your wedding makeup application smooth and without imperfections. 

We also have a resident make – up artist that can apply a trial makeover for you and your bridal party. 

2 Months before

Now is the time to have your muscle relaxing injections. At MBA Skin we believe in a  look that enhances your natural beauty. 

We can eliminate deep crow’s feet,  frown / brow lines, leaving a smoother forehead,  and minimising pores. It will soften deep expression lines for a more youthful look, while keeping a more natural movement in the facial muscles. 

1 Month

Almost the big day!

Just relax and have your weekly HYDRAFACIAL or peel, continuing with your skincare protocol that we will provide on your first consultation.

Touch up on any filler or muscle relaxing injections if needed. 

Soothe away any stress with a relaxing massage. 

Your officially ready for the most important time of your life!

Contact us or come in for a free consultation so we can advise on the best package to suit your requirements.