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Fem Touch for Vaginal Atrophy and Incontinence


Fem Touch is a quick, non-hormonal, non-surgical and highly effective treatment for many uncomfortable vaginal and urinary incontinence symptoms, known as vaginal atrophy (or aging), such as:

  • Vaginal dryness, burning or itching;
  • Loss of elasticity and tone (known as laxity or vaginal relaxation syndrome);
  • Urinary incontinence or light bladder leakage;
  • Thrush and bladder infections (UTIs);
  • Painful intercourse;
  • Vaginal or vulva pain;
  • Mild Prolapse; and
  • Reduced sensitivity and sexual arousal.

The most common cause of vaginal atrophy is a decrease in oestrogen, which is essential for maintaining the health and function of the vaginal and urinary systems. This happens naturally during pre-menopause or peri-menopause and increasingly so post-menopause. This natural decline in oestrogen will often exacerbate damage that may have occurred as a result of pregnancy, childbirth or other factors.

However, any women at risk of being in a low or suppressed oestrogen state can suffer vaginal atrophy symptoms, including younger women following:

  • Prolonged progesterone only contraception;
  • Prolonged breastfeeding;
  • Premature menopause states such as primary ovarian failure; and Induced menopause secondary to cancer medication or surgery e.g. removal of ovaries or extended periods on cancer medications like Tamoxifen.

Other factors such as stress, depression and strenuous exercise can reduce oestrogen levels and lead to vaginal atrophy symptoms.

Whilst most menopause symptoms like hot flushes will pass in time, vaginal atrophy does not usually resolve and can worsen over the years, causing a consequent decline in comfort, intimate activities and quality of life. It is important for women to realise that these symptoms are very common and treatable.


Fem Touch is a very low-risk procedure and suitable for nearly all women presenting with vaginal atrophy symptoms, including those:

  • In peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause;
  • With symptoms secondary to cancer medication or surgery, who are unable to use hormone-based treatments;
  • Who haven’t responded to topical oestrogen HRT or find the application unpleasant;
  • With painful perineal scarring post-birth;
  • With recurrent thrush or bladder infections (UTIs);
  • Who experience pain, vaginal discomfort or bleeding during intercourse; and
  • With lost elasticity (laxity), mild prolapse or light bladder leakage following child-birth or other conditions.


Fem Touch treatment essentially restores your vagina to its younger, elastic and healthy functioning state. It also helps with bladder support to reduce incontinence symptoms.

Nearly all our patients have reported extremely positive improvement in their symptoms, some describing it as life changing. Women have reported:

  • Much better lubrication
  • Significant reduction in pain (or no pain) during intercourse
  • A decreased vaginal burning and itching sensation
  • A decreased urinary urgency and stress incontinence
  • Reduced vaginal and vulva pain
  • Less vaginal and bladder infections, with no odorous discharge
  • Vaginal tightening and better elasticity
  • Increased sensation, orgasm and responsiveness in vulvovaginal tissues
  • Increased libido and confidence


Fem Touch works by stimulating the body’s regenerative processes to create more hydrated and healthy cells and to improve the blood supply within the vaginal walls. This has a direct effect on the integrity and elasticity of the vaginal tissue and increases the acidity of the vagina to more normal levels. By restoring a healthy and youthful vaginal environment, many symptoms of vaginal atrophy (or aging) simply disappear.

The equipment is uniquely designed to direct thousands of tiny beams (or DOTs) of energy and heat directly into the surface layer of the vaginal wall using a slim, smooth hand-piece that can be gently inserted inside the vaginal canal. This delivery of heat into the epithelium naturally triggers the regenerative processes of the vaginal surface and connective tissue, by stimulating the activity of specialised cells that create elastin and collagen – the building blocks of all healthy tissue (see image below).

Histological Results 8 weeks after a single treatment


You will meet with our gynecologist to discuss your symptoms and concerns. Our physician may examine you to ensure that you are suitable for the Fem Touch treatment. We require you to have a normal and up-to-date smear result and no other contraindications to treatment.

If deemed suitable, you may proceed with your first treatment immediately after the consultation. There is no advance preparation required.

If we observe any unusual conditions or contraindications, we will address these prior to treatment.


The actual Fem Touch treatment is quick and simple, the whole process taking no more than 15 minutes.

Your vagina will be dried and a smooth, sterile probe gently inserted into the vaginal canal. Whilst the laser is operating there is a mild vibrating sensation, but no pain.

MBA Clinics have female practitioners that perform your treatment.


There are no side effects and patients can return to their normal daily activities immediately following each Fem Touch treatment. We recommend no intercourse or strenuous activity for 5 days.


The results of the Fem Touch are generally very good, but the extent of improvement varies between individual patients. Most patients experience a material improvement after just one Fem Touch treatment, however, a course of three treatments one month apart is recommended. Patients with severe vaginal atrophy symptoms may require 4 or 5 treatments for optimal results. This will be assessed and discussed during your consultation.

Some patients report improvement within days, but the effects are more noticeable after a few weeks with the remodelling of collagen in the vaginal mucosa and continue progressively for 6 months.

As aging continues, some women may require another single treatment every one to two years to maintain the beneficial results.


The standard pricing for Fem Touch with MBA Clinics is as follows:

  • For single treatments £1000 includes consultation with doctor

MBA Clinics provides a 10% discount to patients whose symptoms are secondary to a preventative cancer treatment (such as bilateral-oophorectomy) or due to any cancer-related surgery, therapy or medications.


Although Fem Touch is a safe procedure with minimal to no side effects, there are a small group of patients who may have to delay the timing of their treatment or for whom treatment may not be medically suitable, such as:

  • Abnormal smear results;
  • Any current infection or skin condition needs to resolve;
  • Unusual lesions may require a specialist clearance;
  • Recent cancer-related or prolapse therapy or surgery


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