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Thread Vein Treatment

Spider veins

Facial redness and superficial spider veins can further age a person’s face. Spider veins (also known as telangectasias) are small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin. Although they can occur anywhere on the body, they most commonly occur on the face around the nose and in legs. MBA offers various therapies to fight your spider veins and broken capillaries along with the red discoloration of the sun-damaged face. YAG and IPL laser treatments offer a range of options to help get your face looking its best.

Leg veins

Prominent unsightly leg veins are a very common problem. They occur when a vein dilates and becomes large enough to be visible through the transparency of the skin.
Causes include prolonged standing, pregnancy, obesity, hormones, ageing and heredity. Because of the effects of gravity and ‘back pressure’ leg veins are more difficult to treat than facial veins. Leg veins can be divided into varicose veins, reticular veins and thread veins. Varicose veins are treated surgically.

There are currently two main methods available for the treatment of reticular and thread veins: sclerotherapy (the injection of a sclerosing agent in to the vessels) and laser treatment. MBA Clinic offer a combination of sclerotherapy and two different laser systems Nd:YAG and IPL to ensure optimal results.

There is no single effective treatment for all leg veins, so superior results are obtained with combination therapy.