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Skin Tag • Wart • Verruca

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tag removal

Skin tags are small protruding bits of skin that often grow under the eye area, groin, armpits, neck and eyelids as well as other places on the body. They are harmless, but are often considered unsightly. Skin tags can vary quite a bit in appearance. They may be smooth or irregular, flesh coloured or more deeply pigmented, and either simply be raised above the surrounding skin or have a stalk (a peduncle) so that the skin tag hangs from the skin.

We offer a painless and simple procedure.
You can resume normal activities immediately afterwards.

Warts and Verruca Removal

Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus, which enters the skin surface, causing growth and thickening of the top (epidermal) layer of the skin. This produces the rough, hard texture of a wart. Warts are contagious, and close skin-to-skin contact can pass on the infection. The risk of infection is increased if the skin is damaged or wet and in contact with roughened surfaces, for example, in communal swimming pools. After becoming infected, it can take several weeks for a wart or verruca to appear.
Warts appear most often on the hands and feet, though they can spread to other parts of the body, for example around the nails, lips and genitals. Verrucas are warts that develop on the soles of the feet. Warts vary in appearance depending on where they are on the body and how thick the skin is but the common wart is often round, firm and raised, with a rough or ‘warty’ surface .On close inspection, many tiny black dots may be seen in the centre, caused by ruptured blood vessels.

Warts tend to affect children and young adults. Warts are generally not painful, though verrucas can be sore to stand on. Some people find their warts embarrassing and those on the fingers may interfere with normal daily activities.

At MBA Clinic the aim of treatment is to remove the wart without it returning and without leaving any scarring

Swimming advice
If you or your child has a wart or verruca, going swimming is fine as long as you take steps to prevent the spread of infection.
You can put a waterproof plaster over the wart or verruca. Special rubber verruca socks are also available from pharmacies.
Wearing pool slippers or flip-flops around swimming pools and in communal changing areas will also reduce the risk of getting verrucas or passing them on to others.